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Zemog Baby Freezer Trays with Clip-on Lids - Set of 2

  • $34.95

Silicone Baby Freezer Trays with Clip-on Lids - Perfect for Homemade Baby Food, Soups, Purees and Even Breast Milk -14 individual 1.5 oz portions


About the product
  • FDA APPROVED SILICON TRAY - this flexible and durable material will help you produce amazing homemade food for your little one, ensuring no chemicals or preservatives are in it.
  • 2 TRAYS WITH 14 PORTIONS PODS - will allow you to cook efficiently and ensure that different flavors and textures are added to your baby's diet.
  • EASY TO USE - just prepare different vegetables and fruit purees and freeze them in each different pod. Use the green color as a guide for vegetable and salty flavors while the red for sweet pureed fruits
  • CLIP ON LID - will ensure the food stays fresh and has no freeze burn
  • EASY TO REMOVE - to obtain the food you just need to run warm water over the pod or leave outside the fridge for a couple of minutes. Then push the flexible silicone and the pod will come right out.

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